about katie

I believe that Flannery O’Connor was right about most things. Like when she said that if a writer of faith “hopes to reveal mysteries, he will have to do it by describing truthfully what he sees from where he is.” This is why I write essays and now, perhaps, a blog: these genres are grounded in personal experience, and they seek to make sense of things by asking questions and telling stories. I find it’s a way to seek God in the mundane, a way to understand things about Him that I would have missed if I hadn’t been writing about it.

I don’t really have hobbies, so don’t ask that question because I will say lots of things that probably aren’t true like “Interior Design” and “Photography” even though I realize that being hooked on HGTV and having a camera do not constitute having “hobbies.” My hobbies right now might include “raising children” and “getting the house to relatively not look like something on Hoarders,” as those are the things I spend most of my time on these days.

Miles is my oldest. He’s the one with the awesomely rotund belly. Genevieve (or Evie) is the younger one. She’s the one with the cutest thunder thighs you’ve ever seen. I am the strange one who likes to describe her children by the places they store their fat. Maria, my children might need the name of your therapist.

Although we’re both from Southern California, my husband Scott and I moved to Kansas about 5 years ago for him to finish an MDiv, which means, you guys, that he’s a pastor. Then we stayed. It’s different.

My book, Whirlybirds and Ordinary Times: Reflections on Faith and the Changing of Seasons, is due out on November 6 with Howard Books. Here’s a link to Barnes and Noble, too.
Find me on Facebook here.

And my webpage: www.AuthorKatieSavage.com, just in case you needed another thing to click on.


4 thoughts on “about katie

  1. Katie, I just finished reading your book and I LOVED it. Your book has such beautiful moments — caught myself getting weepy-eyed throughout. And FUNNY. I love how your writing ultimately left me with a sense of hope… that through all of life’s grittiness, figuring out, and and downright weirdness, we can see these fragments of beauty and divine purpose if we’re open to it.

    Aaaah, I just loved it. Thank you for putting your art out there!!!! — Evelien Lupo (Maria’s sister-in-law:)

    • Evelien, Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and am so happy that you came away with the impression that you did. Thanks for reading it! xo.

  2. Hey Katie, I was a classmate of yours at KU. Just discovered that you have not one but two books! Right on and way to go! Looking forward to reading them. I got a professor gig in Georgia and am working on a memoir about immoderation. All best, Joe Miller

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