FAQs, first quarter

  1. I see your post updates on facebook occasionally and/or check the blog every day to see if there is anything new. Is there a better way to know when you’ve written a new post?  On the top right sidebar of every page, there is a link you can click on that says “follow this blog!” If you click on it and fill in your email address, you will receive an email every time we publish a new post. You can also use an RSS feed, but we don’t really know what that means.
  2. I’m a friend of Katie’s, which is how I found out about the blog, and I think Maria swears too much. Is it OK if I only read Katie’s posts?  Yes.
  3. I’m a friend of Maria’s, which is how I found out about the blog, and I think Katie talks about God too much. Is it OK if I only read Maria’s posts?  Yes. 
  4. I’m a friend of Katie’s/Maria’s, which is how I found out about the blog, and I think you both have interesting things to say, even though you are different. Is it best-case-scenario if I read both of your posts?  Absolutely.
  5. Is there any way Maria can be less offensive? No, probably not.
  6. You two don’t seem very organized or consistent. Do you think maybe you should work on that? That, and other things.
  7. I searched for some very specific phrases on Google, looking for some very specific porn, and came across your site. Now, instead of being addicted to online porn, I’ve decided I’d like to take up reading quality literature instead. Do you have recommendations? One of Katie’s all-time-favorites is The Great Gatsby.  Maria loves House of Sand and Fog. Those should get you started while we put together a list of our faves, organized by topic. We will add this page soon.
  8. What posts have been shared most? Katie’s have been this (on motherhood craziness) and this (on supporting a friend who is depressed).  Until she wrote about queefing, Maria’s was this. (She’d rather you judge her writing ability by the latter.)
  9. What have been some topics you’ve gone back-and-forth about? One of the more popular exchanges has been about jealousy and envy. We’ve also written about calling a place “home”, about going to church and not going to church, and about what to make of cultural standards of beauty.
  10. It must be nice to have so much time on your hands that you can sit around and write blog posts all day. Is staying at home with your kids as easy as it appears? It’s actually easier. You forgot about the chocolates for breakfast, the wine we have with lunches prepared for us by personal chefs, the nannies, the personal assistants, gardeners, and house-cleaners, who do everything for us. It’s really a fabulous life. In fact, we both need to get outside now, to lie in the sun by the pool, maintained by Giovanni and Fernando, our Italian pool-boys.

This is Giovanni. He helps out sometimes.
(image from youbentmywookie.com.)


7 thoughts on “FAQs, first quarter

  1. Love them all, but especially the last one 🙂 I wonder if Giovanni cleans plastic baby pools too; I could use his help around here. You girls are awesome!

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